Powder Ammonium Chloride Agri

Chemcial Name : Ammonium Chloride

Formula : NH4Cl

Cas No : 12125-02-9

N (Nitrogen) : 25%min

Brand Name : Dahua

Port : Dalian Port of China

Place of Origin : Dalian, China

Certificate of Analysis
Items Specifications
Nitrogen % ≥25.0
Na % ≤0.8
Moisture % ≤0.5
National Standard:GB2946-2008
COA-Ammonium Chloride Agri Powderd-Download MSDS-Ammonium Chloride Agri Powderd-Download


Ammonium Chloride Powder white powdered crystals, specific gravity1.532(17 ℃ ), easily absorbs moisture, and forms a cake, soluble in water, and the solubility varies as the temperature increases, sublimes at 340 ℃ . It appears strong corrosivity.


Powder Ammonium Chloride mainly used as nitrogenous fertilizer, but it is not suitable for crops of tabooing chlorine

Packing and Loading Information
Weight Loading Quantity
Net Gross  Palletized  Non-Palletized
25kg 25kg 25.1kg —— 21MT/FCL
50kg 50kg 50.2kg —— 21MT/FCL
900kg 900kg 903kg 18MT/FCL 18MT/FCL

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