Ammonium Perchlorate 99.5%min

Chemcial Name : Ammonium Perchlorate

Formula : NH4ClO4

Cas No : 7790-98-9

EINECS No : 232-235-1

Purity : 99.5%min

Place of Origin : China

Certificate of Analysis
Items Specifications
Purity 99.5%min
Chloride(based on NH4Cl) 0.15%max
Chloride(based on NH4ClO3) 0.02%max
Bromate(based on NH4BrO3) 0.004%max
Fe(based on Fe) 0.0001%max
Water Insolubles 0.02%max
Sulfate ash 0.25%max
PH Value 4.3-5.8
Heat Stability(177±2C)h 3%min
National Standard:GB617A-2003
coa-ammonium-perchlorate  msds-ammonium-perchlorate


Ammonium perchlorate is white crystal with deliquescence. NH4ClO4 is a strong oxidizer, mixing with reducing agent, organic matter, inflammable (sulphur, phosphorus or metal powder) will cause the explosion. Contact with strong acid is in danger of cause burning explosion. It is used in making explosive, fireworks, and used as analytical reagent. Using metal magnesium aluminum oxide, generating a lot of gas causing decomposition of ammonium perchlorate


Used as a rocket propellant and explosive compound, can also be used for making fireworks and artificial hail proof.

As a chelating agent, NH4ClO4 explosives oxidant and analytical reagent,

Can be used to carve. In addition, for the determination of phosphorus content in agricultural scientific research, etc

Spacecraft available aluminum powder and ammonium perchlorate (NH4ClO4) solid mixture as fuel, ignited, aluminium oxidation exothermic decomposition of NH4ClO4

Used in the manufacture of other boron hydrogen bleaching salt, reducing agent, wood pulp, plastic foaming agent

Used for manufacturing diborane and other raw materials, high energy fuel is also used in the pharmaceutical industry, etc


Splash spread and leak: Isolation leakage pollution area. Access restricted. Recommended emergency personnel to wear self-contained breathing apparatus, In general work overalls. Don’t direct contact with the leakage. Don’t make the leakage and organic matter, reducing agent, contact with combustible materials. Small spills: avoid dust, carefully sweep up, collect transferred to the safe place, you can also use a lot of water wash, wash water diluted into the wastewater system. Collecting leak: recycling or shipped to the disposal of waste place.

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25kg(PP/PE) 25kg 25.1kg 24MT/FCL 27MT/FCL

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