Ammonium Persulfate

Chemcial Name : Ammonium Persulfate

Formula: (NH4)2S2O8

Cas No :7727-54-0

EINECS No : 231-786-5

Purity : 98.5%

Type :  Powder

Place of Orign : China

Certificate of Analysis
Items Specifications
Assay ≥98.5%
Active Oxygen ≥6.91%
Residue after Ignition ≤0.02%
Chloride and Chlorate ≤0.001%
Manganese ≤0.00005%
Iron ≤0.0005%
Heavy Metals ≤0.0005%
Moisture ≤0.10%
National Standard:GB/T655-2011
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Ammonium Persulfate is white crystal or powder, no smell. The dry pure (NH4)2S2O8 can be stable for several months. When resolving, it causes the oxygen with ozone; when heating, it resolves oxygen and becomes (NH4)2S2O8. (NH4)2S2O8 can easily dissolve in water, the solution is acidity. It causes oxygen under high temperature, then becomes (NH4)2S2O8


Ammonium Persulfate is used as oxidizing agent, oxidizing agent, photographic reductant and paralyser. It can be used in making soluble starch.
(NH4)2S2O8 is used as initiator of making VAM and acrylate etc. The price is cheap, and the emulsion has good resistance to water. Also used as urea-formaldehyde resin curing agent, fastest speed; Used as the pro-oxidantan of starch adhesive, reacting with the protein. The reference dosage is 0.2%-0.4% of starch. (NH4)2S2O8 can also be used as treating agent of copper surface.

Packing and Loading Information
Weight Loading Quantity
Net Gross  Palletized  Non-Palletized
25kg 25kg 25.1kg 23MT/FCL 25MT/FCL
1000kg 1000kg 1004kg —— 20MT/FCL

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