Heat and Power Plant

The plant is a power supplier by combined production of heat and electricity. Total rated evaporation amount of the plant is 1270 t/hr and installed capacity 125,000kw.

The project makes use of advanced circulatory liquid bed technology. The ash can be put into multipurpose utilization. Other missions reach a set standard.


Synthetic Ammonia Factory

The key unit has an annual capacity of 600,000 mt/year Ammonium Chloride, and 800,000 mt/year soda ash (sodium carbonate). It is the earliest and largest production base of basic chemical raw materials in China.


Salt Base

Sea salt is the mainstream product of the base and it is one of the backbone enterprises of national sea salt industry integrating sea salt chemicals production and sea farming. It is the biggest sea salt production base in northeast China, with its annual production accounting for one third of northeast China sea salt production, and half of the Dalian region.

salt base

Research insitute

The institute takes care of metering, quality inspection, safety and environment monitoring of the Dahua Group. It is responsible for the reasearch and development of new products of the Group along with the inspection and service of pressure vessels, and is an economic integration of research and technical service.

We are one of the main makes of China National Standard for Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate) GB 210.1-2004 and Ammonium Chloride GB/T 2946-2008.

Storage and transporation company

The company owns a deep-water wharf with annual capacity 2,000,000 tons and a special railway line of 25 kilometer.