Our Product


Soda Ash Light

Cas No :497-19-8

Purity : 99.2%min

Soda Ash Dense

Cas No : 497-19-8

Purity : 99.2%min


Ammonium Chloride Industrial Grade

Cas No : 12125-02-9

Purity : 99.5%min

Ammonium Chloride Agri

Granular Ammonium Chloride Agri Grade

Cas No : 12125-02-9

N (Nitrogen) : 25%min

ammonium chlordie power for Agri

Powder Ammonium Chloride Agri Grade

Cas No : 12125-02-9

N (Nitrogen) : 25%min

Dahua Group Dalian Guanlin International Trade Co., Ltd is a subsidiary import-export enterprise of Dahua Group Co., Ltd, specializing in the import-export products produced by Dahua Group and cooperative units. Dozens of products include inorganic and organic industrial chemicals and fertilizers which have been exported to Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and many other countries and regions.

Dahua Group Co., Ltd is a large-scale state-owned entity which was founded in 1933. The main products are: Ammonia 300,000MT annually, Sodium Carbonate (soda ash)600,000MT annually, Ammonium Chloride Tech./Agri. Grade 600,000MT annually, Ammonium Nitrate 100,000MT annually, Nitric Acid and Concentrated Nitric Acid 30,000MT annually, and Ammonium Bicarbonate, Potassium Sulphate, Methyl Alcohol, Terephthalic Acid etc.

Dahua Group has strict quality control system. It was mainly participated in setting the National Standard of Soda Ash and Ammonium Chloride. The products are awarded as the National & Provincial quality products for several years, and the entity is evaluated to be Credit Enterprise. It is the only corporation whose soda ash exempt from exporting inspection in the whole China.

Quality First, Customer First and Service First is the core value of our company. We warmly welcome friends from all over the world to have trade talks and cooperation.