Soda is a odorless white powder. Stable, non-toxic, explosive or flammable. There are basically three levels of soda ash, namely:
Concentrated sulfuric acid, is an anhydrous substance. It is an important industrial chemicals, widely used in the manufacture of different products.
Light soda ash, widely used as a pH regulator / buffer in a variety of industrial processes.
Washing soda water is also an anhydrous substance produced by combining light soda ash with other molecular water. It is mainly used in soap and detergent to improve its cleaning performance.

Applications of Soda Ash

Soda ash, also known as sodium carbonate, has the following uses:
Industrial applications – As a highly soluble substance, soda ash is used in many chemical reactions. It is mainly used for the manufacture of dyes and colorants, synthetic detergents and fertilizer ingredients. It is also an important chemical agent used in enamels and in the oil industry.
Environmental applications – Sodium carbonate is used to improve and treat alkalinity of lakes affected by rain. It is also used to reduce the emission acidity of the power plant.

Detergent manufacture – soda ash is replacing the phosphate used in many household detergents earlier. Many other cleaning products, such as dishwashing soap, also contain different amounts of soda ash in their recipes.
Metallurgy – Sodium carbonate is used to remove or remove phosphate and sulfur from some nonferrous metals and ferrous ore. It is also used to recover aluminum and zinc.

Glass – Soda is an important ingredient in the manufacture of glass because it helps to reduce the melting point of silicon dioxide.
Other applications – soda ash is also a common supplement in the treatment of chemicals and ponds, helping to reduce the acidity of the water. It is also used in the manufacture and sealing of gums and gums, the preparation of pulp in paper making, and sometimes for the preparation of soil.

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