Sodium Hydroxide

Chemcial Name : Sodium Hydroxide

Formula: NaOH

Other Name : Caustic Soda

Type : Flakes,Granule,Liquid

Cas No :1310-73-2

EINECS No : 215-185-5

Place of Orign : China

Certificate of Analysis
Items Specifications (Flakes) Specifications (Liquid) Specifications (Granule)
Main Content(NaOH)% ≥99 ≥49 ≥99
Na2CO3% ≤0.5 ≤0.2 ≤0.6
NaCl2% ≤0.03 ≤0.03 ≤0.0
Fe2CO3 ≤0.005 ≤0.002 ≤10
National Standard:GB210.1-2004
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Sodium Hydroxide, chemical formula is NaOH, commonly known as Caustic Soda, as a strong corrosive alkali, usually flaky or massive form, soluble in water (heating when dissolving in water) and form an alkaline solution. NaOH is a white translucent crystalline solid. The aqueous solution is astringent and greasy. Deliquescence, easy to absorb the air in the water vapor (deliquescence) and carbon dioxide (metamorphism), it can be joined into hydrochloric acid to test  whether it is metamorphism or not.

Uses :

NaOH has wide rangeof uses. For the production of paper, soap, dyes, rayon, smelting metal, petroleum refining, finishing cotton, coal tar product purification, and food processing, wood processing and machinery industries. NaOH is the oldest and most widely used to manufacture soap. NaOH plays an important role in the paper industry. Due to its alkaline nature, it is used in the process of boiling and bleaching paper sheets.

Packing and Loading Information
Weight Loading Quantity
Net Gross  Palletized  Non-Palletized
25kg(Flakes) 25kg 25.1kg 22MT/FCL 25MT/FCL
25kg 25.1kg 24MT/FCL 27MT/FCL
1.5MT(IBC Drum) —— —— —— 24MT/FCL

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