Sodium Nitrite

Chemcial Name : Sodium Nitrite

Formula: NaNO

Cas No :7632-00-0

Type :powder

Place of Orign : China

Certificate of Analysis
Items Specifications
Sodium Nitrite Content % ≥99.0
Sodium Nitrate Content % ≤0.8
Moisture % ≤1.4
NaCl % ≤0.10
Water insoluble% ≤0.05
Fe% ≤0.005
National Standard:GB2367-2014
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Sodium Nitrate (NaNO₂) is an inorganic salt which is formated by sodium nitrite and sodium ionization. Easily deliquescence, soluble in water and liquid ammonia, the aqueous solution is alkaline, the pH is about  9, slightly soluble in ethanol, methanol, ether and other organic solvents. Sodium Nitrite is salty and is used to make fake salt. Sodium Nitrite is exposed to the air and reacts with oxygen to form sodium nitrate. If heated to 320 °C or more, decomposition, then formate oxygen, nitrogen oxides and sodium oxide. Contact with organic matter, easily combusted and exploded. Because of its salty and cheap, it is often as an unreasonable substitute for salt in the production of illegal food. Because Sodium Nitrite is toxic, containing industrial salt food is harm to humans with carcinogenic.


Chromatography analysis. Droplet analysis was used to determine mercury, potassium and chlorate.

Diazotization reagent. Nitrosation reagent. Soil analysis. Determination of serum bilirubin in liver function tests.

Silk, linen bleaching agent, metal heat treatment agent; steel corrosion inhibitor; cyanide poisoning antidote, laboratory points

Analysis reagents, in the processing of meat products for hair color, antimicrobial agents, preservatives. In bleaching, electroplating and metal processing and other applications, known as industrial salt.

Packing and Loading Information
Weight Loading Quantity
Net Gross  Palletized  Non-Palletized
25kg 25.1kg 22MT/FCL 25MT/FCL

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