Sodium Perchlorate 98.0%

Chemcial Name : Sodium Perchlorate

Formula : NaClO₄

Cas No : 7601-89-0

EINECS No : 231-511-9

Purity : 98.0%min

Place of Origin : China

Certificate of Analysis
Items Specifications
Sodium Perchlorate Monohydrate 98.0%min
Ca 2+ , Mg 2+  0.006%max
Chloride (based on NaCl) 0.05%max
Sulfates (based on NaSO 4 ) 0.0015%max
Fe(based on Fe) 0.0036%max
Chlorate (based on NaClO 3 ) 0.15%max
Moisture 14.7%max
Water Insolubles 0.05max
PH Value 5.0-7.0
National Standard:GB1618-2008
coa-sodium-perchlorate sodium-perchlorate-msds


Dahua Group Sodium Perchlorate White crystals, has the water absorbability. Anhydrous substance will resolve under 480°C. It is easily soluble in the water, ethanol and acetone. Not soluble in diethyl ether. Relative density 2.02. With oxidizing. With organic friction or collision can cause burns or explosion. Contact with sulfuric acid can also cause explosion. Low mammalian toxicity, Median lethal dose 2100mg/kg. it was irritating.


Analytical reagent, explosives industry, oxidizing agent.


Operation cautions: Closed-loop operation, strengthening ventilation. Operators must receive special training, strictly abide by the operation procedures. Suggest operators wear hood electric supply air filter type dust respirator, wear rubber gloves. Stay away from fire and heat source, the workplace smoking is strictly prohibited. Stay away from the flammable and combustible. Avoid dust. Avoid contact with reductant, acids, active metal powder. Equipped with corresponding varieties and number of fire equipment and spill contingency processing equipment. Empty containers may remain inside.

Storage precautions: Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Away from fire and heat source. Library temperature not to exceed 30 ℃, relative humidity less than 80%. The packaging must be sealed to prevent be affected with damp be affected with damp. Should work with yi (can be) combustion, reducing agent, acids, active metal powder, etc. Avoid mixing storage. Storage area should be equipped with the right material for leakage content.

Packing and Loading Information
Weight Loading Quantity
Net Gross  Palletized  Non-Palletized
25kg(PP/PE) 25kg 25.1kg 24MT/FCL 27MT/FCL

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