Synthetic Nitrogen Fertilizer

In this paper, by providing the latest soil science research combined with personal experience for many years we do no-till organic gardening and research large-scale no-till farming, Agricultural Fertilizer ecology and permaculture, try to solve these problems. In addition, if you hear these questions from someone, you can through the following five points or just sharing a link to this post!

Before jumping into a quick warning: in this paper, the contents of the nitrogen-rich manure may frighten you. Don’t worry… Finally, we will share some information to restore your optimism, and help you begin to create and support solution today. In addition, some questions need to be longer than a tweet or paragraph explain – but with us! You will learn some new things, you never know.

First, a rapid course of nitrogen. Nitrogen is everywhere: in our bodies, we eat plants and animals, and we at the foot of the soil. But the amount of the nitrogen is not here, it’s there – in the atmosphere. The air you breathe is about 78% of the nitrogen (N2), but not atmospheric nitrogen plants can be used in the form of: ammonium nitrate (NO3 -) and (NH4).

Plants can’t live without nitrogen. No plants, human civilization is impossible. (try to go for a few days, don’t eat any plant or eat plants or eat eat plants). In short: no nitrogen, no man.

It is interesting to note that anthropologists have suggested that in the history of the whole agricultural society has collapsed, because their soil fertility (especially bioavailable nitrogen) the direct result of consumption. As soon as the soil is no longer grow crops, food became scarce. No food, social and political fabric of society will inevitably collapse. Collapsed after anyone alive will be moved to the fertile land, start all over again. Or, in some cases, civilization will through the invasion/conquer other land, slavery soil with residents and its resources back to hometown (for example: the Roman empire) to stop the process.

This is why advanced modern society make every effort to ensure that the food is cheap and abundant, even if the food quality is bad, we are in the process quickly made us one of the reasons for soil degradation. The hungry people become revolutionaries, pose a threat to the stability of the country.

Unfortunately, we have completed by increasing the use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer, and other industrial agriculture method to meet the growing global population target, under the influence of these methods in the long-term system return for short-term results. As we will discuss, the composite effect of this method be disastrous, unless we change course to colonial space or in the next 50 years, there’s no place on the planet migration, once our soil can no longer grow our food, clean our air, and cleaning our water.

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