Cheap Nitrogen Fertilizer of Urea

Cheap Nitrogen Fertilizer of Urea, NPK ratio (n – p – k) for 46-0-0. Although carbamide is naturally occurring in humans and animals, but the synthesis of carbamide is made of anhydrous ammonia. Although carbamide most often provide the lowest price on the market of garden of nitrogen, but when the carbamide applied to soil special steps must be taken to prevent nitrogen loss through chemical reaction.

When carbon dioxide reaction with anhydrous ammonia carbamide. Under intense pressure this process, in 350 degrees Fahrenheit. To turn the urea takes the form of particles called particles or solid ball. Dry carbamide is very soluble, must keep away from moisture, until use.

When urea is placed on the soil surface, chemical reactions happen will change for carbamide ammonium bicarbonate. Ammonium will be converted into gas, and then it losses if they are not protected. This means that the carbamide should be mixed with soil in order to obtain the biggest effect. This can be achieved by carbamide and then spread it plough into the soil or by carbamide injected into the soil. This can also be through the radio and carbamide and then a large number of irrigation to dissolving carbamide into the soil.

In general, carbamide nitrogen will offer the most at the lowest cost. It is easy to store, and do not constitute a fire risk of long-term storage. carbamide can be blended with other fertilizer or can be applied. For love of acidic soil plant, carbamide is one of the highest fertilizer in the soil acidification. Who for cultivation of crops such as corn gardener, strawberry, blueberry, diazo feeder, urea nitrogen will provide direct and powerful applications.

Because when the carbamide applied to soil the result of chemical reactions, must pay special attention to ensure that when evaporation ammonium nitrogen loss. This can make the urea cannot handle large pieces of land used for gardeners. The high solubility of carbamide and makes dry storage conditions necessary.

Carbamide fertilizer, often referred to as 4060 (46-0-0), is a form of providing ammonia nitrogen (NH4 +) main essential elements or simple straight (single element) fertilizer. Positively charged ammonium (NH 4 +) ions are volatile, and can be absorbed by plants is one of the two forms of nitrogen, the other a nitrate (NO – 3).

Urea is a common one of the most abundant in fertilizer nitrogen source. Containing 82% of anhydrous ammonia nitrogen (NH 3) is a pressurized liquid, when released into the gas (liquefied gas). According to Jones, et al. (2012), due to high nutrient analysis, and is easy to deal with the advantages of reasonable price per unit of nitrogen, the urea in the United States is one of the most preferred dry nitrogen.

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