Zinc Chloride

Chemcial Name : Zinc Chloride

Formula : ZnCl2

EINECS No : 231-592-0

Type : Powder

Purity : 98%

Place of Orign : China

Certificate of Analysis
Items Specifications
ZnO% 1.8-2.2
SO4% ≤0.01
Ba% ≤0.01
Fe % ≤0.00005
Pb % ≤0.00005
Infusibility Matter in HCL % ≤1.0
National Standard:GB1625-79
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Zinc chloride is one of the most important products in inorganic chemical industry. It was used widely. ZnCl2 dissolved in water easily, the solubility is 25°C,333g/100g. It also dissolved in methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, glycerinum, acetone and diethyl ether; it does not dissolve in liquid ammonia. ZnCl2has strong hygroscopy, it can absorb the water in the air. It has the characteristic of dissolving metallic oxide and cellulose. Molten ZnCl2 has a good electrical conductivity. It is corrosive and poisonous.


Zinc chloride is activator of making activated carbon in inorganic industry, making charcoal as porous material, increase its superficial area. It is also used in producing insoluble foam fluid resistance and zinc cyanide. In organic industry, zinc chloride is used as the solvent of polyacrylonitrile, the contact agent of organic synthesis, dehydrating agent, condensating agent and deodorizer. In oil industry, it can be used as cleaning agent. In dye industry, it is used as the stabilizer of Ice dye chromogenic salt. In rubber industry, it is used as the auxiliary materials of ZPC. In electronic industry, it is used as the zinc ion additive of ammonium salt galvanized.

Packing and Loading Information
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